This website provides historical information about the development of homes and bush huts in early Australian settlement. Topics include: Sydney Cove in 1788, wattle and daub, lime mortar, sheep stations, building construction and the 1901 Census.

Wattle and daub home with bark roof and parget wooden chimney. 1890 Historical Description of Australian Settlers Homes

Loggers at Walhalla Victoria 1905-1920 Museum Victoria, Australia.George Fletcher built sawmill in Walhalla.1940's

Loggers working at Walhalla in Victoria Australia, George Fletcher built and operated the sawmill in Walhalla, Victoria. Photo shared by Museum Victoria, Australia.

Gold diggers. Richard Penna at home in Woods Point, c. 1915. Victoria Australia

Richard Penna at home in Woods Point, c.

Images of Australia: the Tyrrell Collection of photographs of Australia's history

On the wallaby track. Henry Lawsons poem On the Wallaby Track alludes to the…