This knitted slip cover will help bring a touch of whimsy into your home. Transform a boring chair into a cozy piece of knit decor using this handy slipcover. - this is awesome, i know my couch always wanted a sweater!

free pattern,

Ravelry: Swirled Ski Cap FREE knitting pattern by Caps for Kids — in both a kid and adult size.

Linen Stitch

Linen Stitch: Works on an even number of stitches. Row *Knit slip 1 with yarn in front. Repeat from * across, Row *Purl slip 1 with yarn in back. Repeat from * across. Repeat these two rows for pattern. When slipping stitches, always slip as if to purl.

Inspiration - Cupcake Hat! =)

Cupcake Hat - this one is knit, but a great idea and easily converted to crochet.

Snowmen by Emyh Tana

Snowman pattern by Emyh Tana

"Knitty" By Miroslav Vujovic Graforidza

The font and the yarn knitted cat in this logo is simple but interesting. The pun in the logo name is illustrated with a cute font. The twirl in the cat's tail gives the logo an eye-catching touch.

Ravelry: cdanielshafer's Teeny tiny knitted bunny

cdanielshafer's Teeny tiny knitted bunny