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swag activated《《reminded me of "Logan HenderSWAG">>>lol it's super funny!!!

My Photomentary Two tracking sheet that I created.

The Photomentary Two Nikon Coolpix S800c. This is literally been around the world! Think of it as the 2014 version of the chain-mail letter.

Photo A Day Challenge, 01.31.14 - Icy. My bling is so chill it's ice. LOL #idearoom

Photo A Day - 01.30.14, A game. I LOVE FOOTBALL!

S.L.I.F. (Sorry, Liver. It's Friday.)

Photography and life...

Photo A Day, 01.29.14 - Together. The Sapphire Sled and Rosa the Rogue are together once again. #idearoom

Photo A Day, 01.28.14 - Something On Me. Well there's something on me that I carry everywhere I travel: my tattoo. I wanted to wait until it was the right time in my life. And more importantly, represented some aspect of me that was carnal, personal, elemental. I finally was inspired by my divorce. Honestly thinking about it... My tattoo is a manifestation of my soul's DNA. It's not vice versa where I slapped on some ink on me, and called it a day. So keep digging, y'all! #idearoom #keepdigging

Photo A Day, 01.27.14 - Broken. My new moved in, but definitely not unpacked bedroom is BROKEN! #idearoom

Photo A Day, 01.26.14 - Salty. #idearoom

Photo A Day, 01.25.14 - Laugh. I have no idea why my little sister found this so humorous while on Moving Day, but she did. #idearoom

Photo A Day, 01.24.14 - Making. This was my making of party decorations for my Exit Light, Enter Night Party which was an idea I got from... you guessed it - Pinterest #idearoom

Seattle restaurant serving a sandwich called “Crabtree’s Tears” - Seattle BisCo