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NorthWest Bride Crown Northwest Bride Crown - Inspired bridal headpiece (tiara) with historical and Victorian inspiration.

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The "Emerald and Diamond Parure" of Napolean's empress, Marie-Louise.

Diadem from Empress Marie-Louise's Emerald Parure - A gift from Napoleon Bonaparte to Marie Louise (his second wife and niece of Marie~Antoinette) on the occasion of their wedding, tiara green emerald peridot

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The Habsburg Peridot Parure A complete parure of peridot jewels: a tiara, a necklace, earrings, and substantial brooch. c. 1820s attributed to Köchert, who later become imperial court jewelers to the Habsburgs. Large diamond scrolls, the center of which are studded with absolutely enormous peridots. The tiara can also be supplemented with seven of the pendants from the necklace, which can be set upright atop the piece. A delicate floral motif runs through all of the pieces in the parure.

The Habsburg Peridot Parure was made for Archduchess Henriette, wife of Archduke Karl of Tuscany. It was inherited by Archduke Friedrich, the husband of Archduchess Isabella of Austria

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