Best Friends Photo Shoot

mainly focusing on small groups, but also some good individual shots as well

Best Friends Photo Shoot

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Sunglasses - Summer - Sunnies - Shades - Road trip - Friends - diner


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Omg! Ok so what if there is beef between Jade and Rose? Maybe they can have a little fight in the water. And Rose has cloning so that's both of there in the water.

And I am on my own.
  • Ruthanne Roach
    Ruthanne Roach

    Ooooh I'd do this with you

  • Katherine Swanson
    Katherine Swanson

    It would be so fun! I love the mist & the matching dresses :)

  • Ruthanne Roach
    Ruthanne Roach

    Me too!

Dresses and nature ♡

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depth ♥

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Love the pose!!!!

/// by Nyusha Kritsky / 500px

Daisy Duke

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Pictures by Bobbie Jo

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Coloring, framing, exposure

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I love perspective shots

Posing Couples ~ 80 pictures and poses - ProPhotoNut

Eva & Rose & Judi



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love the candid

bippity boppity boo


One Trip Pass - Board

Looking at picture stir up an argument with Meg, then with parents. Which lead to Scarlett to head back to the mansion. With this pic in hand

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Spring or Summer Shoot

Friends, Best Friends

Out the window!

Hippie Style ♥
  • Peggy Robinson
    Peggy Robinson

    I like that

love this :)


breakfast - photojournalistic shoot

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Jude Law - great idea for using a candle

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johnny depp with balloons,1992 • bruce weber -- I like the balloons surrounding him - for a more artistic guy

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classy and simple

Gallery & Inspiration | Picture - 189445

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CONSIDER:THIS: Inspiration

Great portrait

Gallery & Inspiration | Picture - 346849