New Mom and Dad Survival Kits

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New Mom and Dad Survival Kits

New Mom and Dad Survival Kits

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Gift for expecting mothers to take to hospital when they go into labor. Would make a great shower gift!

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Mommy Pampering Kit. I should make a bunch and give them out every time a new baby arrives.

And Everything Sweet: Another packaging idea...
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    Laronna Starr

    How how do you fill thehow

Feeding new moms... Love it cause I'm always wondering what to make for meals for them

Dwell on Joy: Feeding New Moms

New Mommy

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From the Kitchen: Gifting Dinner Printable Package - PDF. I love this for families with new babies! gift of support

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New Mom Survival Kit

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  • Ellen Oganesyan
    Ellen Oganesyan

    i cant wait to make this!

Gift basket idea to give your hubby at the hospital... after all, having a new baby is a big day for him, too! (or just a great gift idea for dad in general)

Guest Blogger: The Crafting Chicks | The Dating Divas
  • Heidi Byrer
    Heidi Byrer

    I am totally doing this for my husband!!

feeding new moms

Dwell on Joy: Feeding New Moms

Kit for the Dad To Be at Baby Shower

Living Eventfully: daddy doody kit

New Mommy Survival Kit! 1. KISSES: for both mommy & baby! (Hershey kisses) 2. MIRROR: to remind you that you're important too! 3. MARBLES: to replace the ones you lose! 4. HAIR ELASTICS: to remind you to stay flexible! 5. LIFESAVERS: to save you from one of those days. 6. TISSUES: to wipe your tears, baby's tears too! 7. ERASER: to remind you that everyone makes mistakes! 8. STARBURST: to give you an extra "burst" of energy! 9. SOUR PATCH KIDS: to remind you that every baby is differ...

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    As if?!?!

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Adorable dad and newborn shot!

NW Photo Works » Blog

Few things are more beautiful than this: a father and his baby. I absolutely love it!

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  • Debra Trader
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baby daddy gift basket

Preparing for the Baby | The Dating Divas

Pampering in a Jar - Include socks, bubble bath, lip balm, hand cream and chocolate.

Practically Living: Gifts

New Mom Gifts, Jewelry

A Cup Of Sparkle: New Mom Gifts Jewerly

New Mom Survival Kit

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  • Andrea Bella Terra
    Andrea Bella Terra

    wow is this stupid.

The Hospital Survival Kit for new mothers (with printables)

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Hospital survival kit for a new Mom. :)

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New mother's survival kit idea.

Darling Doodles: Baby Shower Gift- Survival Kit
  • Liz Nieman | Love and Marriage
    Liz Nieman | Love and Marriage

    I just started a company called Newly Mommy that sells these - you should check them out! :)

I made this New Mom Survival Kit for a good friend of mine. It was such a cute idea I had to try it! It Includes: Hershey Kisses - For Mommy & Baby Mirror - To remind you that your important too. Marbles - To replace the ones you lose. Hair Elastics - To remind you to stay flexible. Lifesavers - To save you from one of those days. Tissues - To wipe your tears and baby's too. Lollipops - To lick your problems away. Eraser - To remind you that everyone makes mistakes. Starburst - For energy. Sour Patch Kids - To remind you that every baby is different. Advil - For when all else fails. Cozy Socks - To remind you to take time an relax.

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  • Carlie Shirk
    Carlie Shirk

    I made this for a new mother today and she loved it!

  • Amy Paschedag French
    Amy Paschedag French

    I can not wait to make this for a new adopted mom of 3! This is such a great idea!

  • Parker's Crazy Cookies LLC
    Parker's Crazy Cookies LLC

    Going to do this too!!