NALU !! hmm yukino can I just have sting to do it for me? LOL.

I love this, I noticed that Lucy and Yukino are both Celestial Wizards and Natsu and Sting are both dragons slayers.


I ship nalu so much that I couldn't ignore. I am a failure to the chainmail community.<<<<<<but let's be real, who even still ships nali at this point

Nalu<<<his innocence is a cover and in the newest chapter he asked Lucy if she wanted to play a stripping game

This makes me want to ship NaLu even harder. She's willing to do it and he's so happy. His face in the last panel 😂😂

Yeah, you should kill him Natsu XD

I love how every time Dan said I love u Lucy NATSU would say something snappy at him and give him a dirty look XD<<<<<So true


i feel like this is a homestuck reference. (all i think of is fef and sollux im so sorry)<<<I say it's a Nalu Fairy Tail reference