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heart shaped ribbon tattoo need to incorporate pink (breast cancer ) & teal (ovarian cancer )

Awareness Ribbon Heart Cross Stitch Patt pattern on

If I ever get something professionally published, this will be how I commemorate it.

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12 Written Tattoo Designs

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35 Ultra Sexy Back Tattoos for Women

Spine tattoo. Simply gorgeous. I want to get this with Ballerina you must have seen her dancing in the sand, now shes in me, always with me, tiny dancer in my hand for Joye

35 Ultra Sexy Back Tattoos for Women

"The quote was said to me two years ago, by a nurse at the hospital after I had attempted suicide. As I was getting discharged, she said, “it doesn’t get better; you just get better at handling it”. I paused for a moment, as her words really spoke to me. It’s true, because everyone always says “it gets better” and it doesn’t. You wait for it to get better..." via girls with tattoos tumblr


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