The geometry of love in a modern, head-turning tiara. #EtsyUK

Made for my jewelry box. Sterling Silver Crown Tiara 925 by MaggieMowbrayHats on Etsy, Women’s Jewelry U shaped ne.

Future Fashion, Futuristic Clothing, Avant-Garde Fashion, Helmet, Strange, Unique, Art Fashion

Post Apocalyptic Wear can be turned steampunk very easily, just use leather in place of pvc and coat plastic in metallic pain unless it is clear and holding an interesting liquid. Add a few buckles and lace, too. Don't forget a jaunty hat and goggles.


# Yuan @ Bellona in vinyl Prada coat, photographed by Koichiro Doi for FutureClaw Magazine

DNA research for the cloning lab, maybe?


Hotel Bikini Berlin by 25hours

25 Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin View map by 25 Hours Hotels

「JHA」Japan Hairdressing Awards

Gorgeous color and cut by Japan Student Hairdresser of the Year. We apologize for no artist credits--we received the information in Japanese only. Love the way the angled patterns on the clothing mirror the style.

Burning Man people

Burning Man neo seventies david bowie glam classic look. reflects the sunlight. covers you and protects from the dust. flat platform boots so you can ride a bike.

holy holographic! Manish Arora

The perfect high collar hologram dress for Cinder adding some much needed color…

Obvious Winner - So Easy To See The Awesomeness - ow - STOYA Cyberpunk Sexy photos for Bizarre Magazine [kinda nsfw]

Cyberpunk Sexy photos for Bizarre Magazine ———————— one of the shots I took for the Bizarre Magazine feature and Cover w/ Stoya Philip - LITHIUM PICNIC studio LOVE those goggles :)


Fantastic digital illustrations from Michael Ostermann

Yuima Nakazato.


Futurism by Yuima Nakazato

Make-up Artist: Alex Box | Artistic & Editorial #avant garde #fantasy makeup.  #illamasqua

I love the bold geometric shapes , juxtaposed with the models features, and seemingly naked face ! This is what makes this series special ! Make up Alex Box by rankin

Backstage LFW 12, photo by Elise Rose

Backstage LFW photo by Elise Rose

Electric glasses

Lucid Dreaming - Experience having an awaken brain while you sleep & dream


"A server can be installed in any box. If you live in Russia or East Europe, it can be a shoe box.