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Sapphire tiara owned by Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia (6th June 1872 – 17th July 1918)

The Imperial Russian Romanov nuptial earrings. The earrings were so heavy to wear, that they had to be looped around the ear and not through the ear hole. Every imperial Russian bride wore them on her wedding day.

Romanov Pearl tiara of Empress Alex Romanova. Although this appears to meet at the back and therefore more of a diadem, in the nearby portrait it's worn with a veil, suggesting it isn't completely circular

The eight pointed star of the Order of St. Cathrine was 9 cm wide, made of silver, and set with diamonds. In the center, a silver cross rests on a scarlet enamel field, surrounded by gold letters reading in Russian "For Love and For the Fatherland"

EMERALD BROOCH WITH DIAMONDS ~ the history of this awesome jewelry of 136,26 karats is unknown. All that we have know is the document that this brooch was performed at the beginning of the 19th century for Emperor Pavel I' son - Konstantin, the junior brother of Alexander I of Russia.

This diamond brooch belonged to Tsarina Maria Feodorovna, she gave it to a family who helped her when she lived in exile in Denmark. Has Also be auctioned.

Empress María Feodorovna Faberge brooch 1911

An Imperial gem set gold brooch by Carl Fabergé, centred with the cypher of the Empress Maria Feodorovna in rose diamonds, encircled a ruby and diamond wreath, surmounted by a bow holding a brilliant cut diamond. Workmaster: Albert Holmström, St Petersburg, circa 1914. From archive

Russian Field Tiara from the Romanov Royal collection

The Black Orloff Diamond. A 68 carat stunner originally owned by Catherine the Great and passed down through the Russian royal family.

Empire parure of Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna. All diamonds and Brazilian pink topazes made around 1804.

“The Catherine the Great Emerald and Diamond Brooch” sold for $1,650,500 at Christies in April 2011

The Imperial Order of St.Andrew was established in 1698 by Tsar Peter the Great , in honour of St. Andrew, the first apostle of Jesus. It was given only for outstanding civilian or military merit.

The nuptial crown of Alexandra "Alix" Romanov (Princess Victoria Alix Helena Louise Beatrice) (1872-1918) Hesse, Germany to Tsar Nicholas II (Nikolay Alexandrovich Romanov) (1868-1918) Russia. All Romanov brides wore the same jewels on their wedding day. Alix was the 6th Child of King Louis IV (1837-1892) Hesse, Germany & Princess Alice Maud Mary (1843-1878) UK.

The wedding of Nicholas II and his Alix of Hesse (granddaughter of Queen Victoria). Romanov nuptial necklace. [Russian Royalty]

The Imperial Crown of Russia The “miter style” crown is only used by two imperial courts, that of the Holy Roman empire and Imperial Russia. It signifies the close association between these imperial offices and the respective churches, nl. Russian Orthodoxy and Rome. This crown strongly resembles an orthodox miter. Wrought in silver and set with thousands of diamonds and a single large spinel, it truly shows forth the glorious natural wealth of Russia and the once magnificent Romanov dynasty.

Aquamarine and diamond tiara by Faberge for the Empress Alexandra of Russia, wife of Czar Nicholas II.

Pearl and diamond brooch of Nikolay II's mother Maria Feodorovna and Alexander III's wife. She wore this brooch until her death in 1926. She wore it on a black velvet ribbon. After her death her daughter Xenia tried to sell this jewel to Queen Mary, HMTQ Elizabeth II's grandmother but failed. Then Xenia sold it to Lady Deterding (?) who sent the brooch to Cartier to make an outstanding necklace.

THE JEWELS OF THE ROMANOVS~ The history of this crown is closely tied with the Romanovs dynasty and Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov presented this crown to his bride Sophie Meklenberg, granddaughter of Alexander Pushkin.

Jewels of the Romanovs

THE ROMANOVS JEWELS ~ The record book of NIKOLAY II with pictures of jewels, 1889-1913 done BY HIS HAND. Kept in the Armory Chamber of Moscow Kremlin. Most part of pictures and legends describe brooches, lockets, cufflinks and pins that were presented to Nikolay by his family members. Most drawings are fulfilled by Nikolay II; the expression and colors of the drawings are very much close to the original jewels.

Jewels of the Romanovs Treasures - Diamond and Emerald Plastron

Romanov Jewels | Sapphires - I have seen this incredible piece at an exhibit at the Brooks Museum in Memphis. It is 25 carats of awesome sapphire not to mention the diamonds!

This parure (item 1 Tiara) was part of the jewellery collection of Olga Karnovich (1865-1929), Princess Paley, the second and morganatic wife of Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of Russia (1860-1919), Tsar Alexander III's brother.