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Louise L'Heureux

Louise L'Heureux
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Vous cherchez un répulsif contre les tiques ?  C'est vrai qu'en été, il y a en beaucoup. Et ce ne sont pas que les animaux qui sont touchés ; les humains aussi ! Surtout si vous partez faire

A natural tick deterrent for human use, to try this year: 1 part tea tree oil to 2 parts water in a spray bottle. Tea tree oil when diluted can also be used on dogs (not kitties) OVER 15 lbs. I would suggest 1 part tea tree to 4 parts water at min.

Organize kids shared bathroom - what about when they get older? Here's how a teen and tween share a bathroom and get ready for back to school - all supplies from Target. Make sure to stock Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong®️ (Mega Rolls) so they have t

Organize kids shared bathroom for TEEN and TWEEN. Tips on making the space their own, labels, not running out of toilet paper. For double sink bathroom.

Great look (less the chandalier ;) )...we're thinking of doing something quite similar....

Lovely laundry room CM: Love everything about this. The chandelier to make laundry doing fabulous, the Tiffany blue wall, and the little shelf to mask the fact that the washer and dryer aren't flush with the wall (I've always hated that).