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Soak lace doiles in glue, arrange on a blown up balloon, brush on 1 more coat of glue & let dry for at least 24 hrs. Pop balloon, carefully peel away & voila! You have a lace bowl!


Buy a canvas. Put letter stickers on it. Paint over the whole thing. Peel off stickers.


Stylish Ways to De-Clutter

The internet is a great place to find inspiration, but the sheer number of ideas can be overwhelming. Luckily, there’s Pinterest – an awesome tool to keep track of what inspires you. Here are 6 of our favorite Pinterest boards that make organization easy!


This is almost exactly what my family communication center looks like! Master calendar for all schedules, then I have a weekly calendar for each kid that is complete with their own corkboard and 3 mail bins to separate school papers, bills and junk mail!