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DIY simple and cute button bookmarks - What to do with all of those leftover buttons... Plus lots of other simple craft ideas.
How to print on paper napkins. Easy tutorial!
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Decorating Like a Designer on a Budget :: Hometalk
JennyKomendaCleaningChart.jpg (590×764)  Probably not going to happen, but it's something to shoot for. :)
Calendario de limpieza, ¡a ordenar tu casa!     ¿No les pasa que el día que están más cansadas y llegan a su casa, parece que alguien entró ...
Who knew a DIY upcycle could flip a dresser into a jazzy buffet?

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Decoración Temática Invierno (Why is everything en espanol... lights though)
Great use for an old dresser
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Why didn't I think of any of these??
life hacks. . iil is using The Spray Mischa sauce is God' s gift to food. However, like may sauces, is J? rll.':. to cover the entire food Toaster Grilled Chees
This is just so pretty
Recycled to modern use
8 Inexpensive Bathroom Updates Anyone Can Do (PHOTOS)