If tea can't fix it..

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scone, anyone?  > Vintage Ads

Marjorie Torre Bevans, Royal Baking Powder, 1920 , originally uploaded by Gatochy . Scanned from Taschen's .

Tea Towel

always warm the pot tea towel > Charlotte Farmer collection > homeware SHOP > New House > New House Textiles

gentleman's afternoon tea... sack that, I want!

London's 10 best afternoon teas

Afternoon Tea Fer Real Men Grrr Sanctum Soho is a rock star’s boutique hotel, and their Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea is a heart-stoppingly unwholesome line-up of red meat, carbs and saturated fats topped off with high-octane booze.

tea tea tea

Always wanted one of these old suitcases with stickers on it.especially TEA stickers!

vintage hair

Vintage Hair Tutorial pinup bandana updo "Rosie the Riveter" by CHERRY DOLLFACE.she has awesome vintage hair tutorials on here and really goes into detail about the process and the products she uses!

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