What Do You Feel Like Reading? #Infographic #books #reading

What Do You Feel Like Reading Infographic. Make one with teen lot for outside reading assignment.

Absolutely nothing

i am a book-a-holic. Yes I do admit I have a problem. Yes I don't regret anything. And yes I get so attached to a book to where I have to stop reading for a few days and relize there is a world outside of this hardcover/paperback book. Yes.

I need a poster of this!

"Keep Calm and when in doubt, go to the library." Love that quote from "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.


My problem with reading books is that I get distracted. By other books.Lol so many good books so little time but I want to read them all ha

you know you want one

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Yep, mainly because to increase my TBR pile I had to sacrifice buying food for the fridge

Book Fountain, Cincinnati Public Library - (Photo J.F Schmitz)

The Book Fountain. Its real name is The Amelia Valerio Weinberg Memorial Fountain designed by Micchael Frasca and is located at the Cincinnati Public Library. Photo by J.F Schmitz