take that old ugly metal bench and put some bright spray paint on it - this will really stand out in the garden...very pretty

Pretty Purple Garden Bench <<< I woulda never thought to paint a bench purple for my yard. But I really like that nice purple with the green all around it like that.

i <3 purple

A shiny, and passionate purple LOVE sign! This gorgeous piece of metal, cut-out artwork will look beautiful hanging in any space in your home. Purple lovers will be crazy about this one!

Why can't I have a purple door?!!

so the first thing that pops into my head when I saw this was "wow that is a very purple door". the second thing was "it would be easy to give someone directions to your house. you would just be like its the purple door house.

paint a bench purple!

What a garden bench! I have an old one I am going to paint. Purple, Lime green, yellow or red any bright color would look fab in the garden.

Native American Purple Dreamcatchers

Native American Purple Dreamcatchers -Purple and Lavender Dreamcatcher Purple is the color of royalty, or someone important. This is done with dark purple leather, with Lavender and purple beads and purple feathers.