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I Love Body Art .
I Love Body Art .
I Love Body Art .

I Love Body Art .

I LOVE BODY ART showcases and promotes innovative & expressive Body Painting Art, from professional and amateur body paint artists all over the world

CHAMELEON – Johannes Stötter (video)

‘Body Paint Therapy’ & ‘Serendipity’ – Natasha Kudashkina

‘Mother & Baby’ Bump Illusion – Elissa Barrett

Body Painting Art from all around the World - I Love Body Art

Image of WORLD CUP TROPHY - Emma Allen


G-KILL - BODY GRAFFITI 'Smoke Weed Every Day' </...

Rayna McDonald is a body artist born & raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Rayna has found that body art is where she wants to focus her creativity

ZEBRA - Emma Fay | Body Painting Prints

HORNED OWL - Shannon Holt | Body Painting Prints

Natalie Fletcher is a trained classical realism painter with a specialism for landscape camouflage bodypaintings, blending models in to the natural scenery around her hometown of Bend, Oregon. It was for these skills she was noticed by the producers of the Bodypainting Competition TV series 'Skin Wars', which she went on to win (September 2014).

KEY DEER FAWN - Shannon Holt | Body Painting Prints

LOVE - Natasha Kudashkina | Body Painting Prints

HUMAN FLAMINGO - Gesine Marwedel | Body Painting Prints

Death Star Body Painting ! Bump Wars !

Airballin – Rainbow Tiger Body Paint (Oakland, CA)

Art by Lana Chromium San Diego CA bodyart, creative make-up, bodypaint, fantasy, art, make-up, artist, bodypainter, flowers, ornaments, peace, love, dove, fall, apple, candle, feathers, bodypaint studio San Diego. www.artbychromium... bodyart services San Diego, Los Angeles

LOOKING EVIL AWAY - Leroy Roper | Body Painting Prints

Shannon Holt Body Painter Fun Body Painted PinupsBody Art