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Finally got our firepit built #nicolock #serafinafirepit next up some pavers


Dream Decks

Make it Wonderful with Water Use a fountain to soften the noise of a busy street or to create a pleasant background sound. It's easy to add a water feature to your deck. Tuck small fountains in corners where they'll be out of the way or use a bigger, bolder piece as a dramatic focal point.

Easy Outdoor DIY Firewood Rack from Cinder Blocks

Easy peasy kindling rack: 2 cinder blocks + 4 chunks of wood you most likely will have in your scrap pile. Prop the pieces of wood in the 4 outer holes of the cinder block so that they fall away at an angle. Fill the void with kindling or firewood to dry.

12 Backyard Pallet Projects for Today's Homestead

Be it a barn, in your backyard or in your farm, pallets have always come in handy when it comes to DIY projects and they are an amazing way to create a lot of perfect things that you need without...

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