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An amazing way to fix any scratches in any wood furniture

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The Custom Made Entry Table

Amazing idea ♥

  • Grannytilla

    Nice idea if your house has closets. Mine is over 100 years old. No closets back then.

  • Shayne Dethloff
    Shayne Dethloff

    If only I had a closet to spare...

  • Shonnessy Gilmore
    Shonnessy Gilmore


  • Andrea McKinnie
    Andrea McKinnie

    Love it!

  • Telisa Brown
    Telisa Brown

    Lol I know

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Amazing design ♥

What a GENIUS idea ♥

  • Christine MacTavish
    Christine MacTavish

    I have to do this

Amazing chair design ♥

  • Gina Hunter
    Gina Hunter

    I love it. It just needs a pull out to lift my feet

  • Jessie Spil
    Jessie Spil

    Voor een echte boekenwurm!

A girls dream bed ♥

  • Faith Gibbs
    Faith Gibbs

    for those who have about 34,000 to burn on a little girls bed

  • Karen Todd
    Karen Todd

    Is that royal enough for us?

  • Johanna Clark
    Johanna Clark


  • Talisa Rafferty
    Talisa Rafferty

    So cute

A great place to take a nap!

  • Susan Bishop
    Susan Bishop

    Yes please

  • Shari Scott
    Shari Scott

    Where are these availabe for purcase?

O M G! ♥

  • Heather Grow
    Heather Grow

    ^^^^^^^^^^.....copy/ paste link above in my response ladies...the entire set is there. I found it by right clicking photo, search goggle for image. Awesome feature.

  • Heather Grow
    Heather Grow

    Actually I was able to click my response, took me right to Pit Couch

  • Heather Grow
    Heather Grow

    I made a pin for it. ;) I wished it came in leather..hehe I am sure I might be able to find one that does. just couches and ottomans.

  • Jodi Morgan
    Jodi Morgan

    Check out lovesac - they have furniture which can do this. I call them tinkertoys for adults.

  • Carolyn Chebaro
    Carolyn Chebaro

    Love this... so cozy!

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Awesome ♥

  • MikeMopar México
    MikeMopar México

    Como va para nuestra recamara!!!

Amazing wooden house idea ♥

Backyard bbq inspiration

Awesome Fire Pit Seating Idea

  • Chris Mayou
    Chris Mayou

    Looks fun, but sometimes you want to move seating closer to and further from the fire, so I'm not sure how it would work. Maybe if you always keep the fire small, it would be fine.

  • Rebecca Pickett Triplett
    Rebecca Pickett Triplett

    I agree with you Chris.

  • Courtney Billings
    Courtney Billings

    A must have in our forever home

  • Christine Vatuone
    Christine Vatuone

    Swing and enjoy a fire at the same time? Brilliant!!

  • Nicole Vroulets
    Nicole Vroulets


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Beautiful day bed ♥

  • Mena Mean
    Mena Mean

  • lara smith
    lara smith

    where can I buy one ?

  • Claudette Williamson
    Claudette Williamson

    I want one ♥

Twin Size Convertible Loft Bed ==> www.lovedesigncre...

Twin Size Convertible Loft Bed ==> www.lovedesigncre...

  • Gina Shanahan
    Gina Shanahan

    Super cool!!

P’Kolino Klick Desk ==> www.lovedesigncre...

DIY garden chair ♥

  • Phillip Lloyd Photography
    Phillip Lloyd Photography

    You can buy them if you want.

  • Beth Johnstone
    Beth Johnstone

    any plans on how to make these????

  • Kristie Graham
    Kristie Graham

    Thank You for the information!

  • Elizabeth Chaffin-Smith
    Elizabeth Chaffin-Smith

    Love it. How is it done. Need instructions

  • Elizabeth Chaffin-Smith
    Elizabeth Chaffin-Smith

    Does anyone know how to make this from skids

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Creative under counter refrigeration unit from U-Line

  • Josie Rankin-lary
    Josie Rankin-lary

    I need this - on both ends!!

  • Michael Monahan
    Michael Monahan

    This is just beyond cool.... I want it!

  • Marisol Gonzalez- Antonini
    Marisol Gonzalez- Antonini

    I absolutely want this!

  • Kimberly Garcia
    Kimberly Garcia

    Where can I get this?