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Tats I Want :3

Tats I Want :3

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peace love dream catchers....where can I put this???? Thigh or back!!??

I want a dream catcher tattoo

dreamcatcher tattoo designs for women | Women and Dreamcatcher tattoos ideas images

Women and Dreamcatcher tattoos ideas images

Cultural Dreamcatcher Tattoos Ideas in Modern Culture: Dreamcatcher Tattoos For Girls ~ Tattoo Ideas Inspiration

Awesome Alice in Wonderland tattoo :) except with a diiferent quote. Like the one bout i knew who i was when i woke up this morning. But i must have changed several times since then.

60 + Inspirational Tattoo Quotes | Cuded

"If ever two were one... then surely we" #Anne #Bradstreet #Poem #Tattoo #couple from the poem "Wife and wife"

"we only part to meet again" good tattoo to get when you loose someone you love.

you will forever be my always.

Never a Failure. Always a lesson.

and in time, this too shall pass

and in time, this too shall pass

“while there is life there is hope” in latin

I refuse to sink.

damn stereotypes.

That's right!!

Alice in Wonderland tattoo. "Curiosity often leads to trouble." Want this


I got this tattoo at: X Body Art Emporium in Swansea, MA by Paul Sobreiro. He’s absolutely hysterical. The tattoo hurt really bad to the point my mom lost feeling in her hand (out of a 1-10 the pain on my ribs was def a 10). The reason why I got this is because my dad passed away 3 years ago, there’s a song called “Currents Convulsive” by Pierce The Veil and that’s one of the verses. \\

Love, life, faith


maybeee xD

Darn tooting people!

tattoo bird shoulder i like this...maybe not on the shoulder though

i want this but on my foot C: "fall down seven times, stand up eight"♥

i lovee this♥