22 Disney Castles Across Time

22 Disney Castles Across Time every Disney castle from Snow white to Frozen

Oh Disney

This week's Disney-inspired Fairy Tale wedding features the most dream come true story of all. Here are our ideas to transform your own wedding to a Disney's Cinderella themed one.

Every. Single. Time.

<< Harry Potter and The Hunger Games were good. Try reading and then watching The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit or Percy Jackson, the Giver

Great part

"As you walk on by, will you call my name?" From film Pitch Perfect: Song: "Dont you forget about me" *Ill never forget about crying with 3 of my besties from laughter this movie. I literally near fell out of the movie theater seat. Aca-Believe it.

Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits (2011)

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Perhaps you've seen that theory that Anna and Elsa's parents are Tarzan's parents. Not only do they look completely different, but they died differently (Tarzan's parents were on a boat that set on fire).

How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train your Dragon- Stoick and Hiccup: "No more of." "You just gestured to *all* of me.


Thor, you're seriously telling LOKI, God of MISCHIEF, to be a good little boy? <-- lmao Tom's face though!