Love Grain

Love Grain

Cambridge, Massachusetts / Love Grain features gluten-free, nutritious, tasty products based on the ancient grain teff. Market access for African farmers and better nutrition for you!
Love Grain
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Love Grain Cranberry Pumpkin Pancakes - a perfect breakfast for lazy holiday mornings

Ring in the Holidays with Love Grain's Teff Pumpkin Cranberry Pancankes

The Guardian proclaims teff Ethopia's next big super grain

Rich in calcium, iron and protein, gluten-free teff offers Ethiopia the promise of new and lucrative markets in the west. Claire Provost and Elissa Jobson investigate

Mountain Muffins - Love Grain mix + fresh blueberries, or sub in your favorite fruits and nuts for a delicious and healthy breakfast. Make a batch and freeze them for a quick breakfast on the go!

We're heading out for a long hike in the Blue Valley, and we baked up some Love Grain muffins to get our

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