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Only because exactly one year ago today I was so incredibly happy. And I knew the moment would leave, so I cherished it so much. And that's why right now it hurts. Because I'd love to go back to that moment.

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There is power in writing or keeping a journal. Sometines you remember a thing better if you write it down and sometines the memory outlives the scrap it is written because it was solidified by the writing.

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I'm a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger from Paris. I like taking pictures of my cats and I drink too much coffee. My main blog is ♡ E-mail me at ♡ personal posts ♡ twitter ♡ facebook ♡ instagram ♡ ask me anything kitties! ♡

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I'm tired of saying sorry when I shouldn't have to. Just wish you'd see what it's doing to me. Acknowledge me!!!

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This typography sign is super cute, and I love the message. I definitely want a few of these to place randomly around my room, and to fill my life with positive messages like this, -Xoxo, Ari