Brown Paper Flooring

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Brown Paper Flooring

Brown Paper Flooring

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DIY faux wood plank floor using brown kraft paper | Freckle Face Girl for

Remodelaholic | Faux Wood Plank Floors Using Brown Paper

Paper Bag Flooring - pinning because this is the first one I've seen that's not brown!

Paper Bag Flooring

Paper Bag Floor

For the Love of Lillian: Paper Bag Floor

Brown Paper Floor with checkboard pattern {Simon Says}

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Brown Paper Floor with stain {The Scotland Yard}

The Scottland Yard: Project No More Carpet

Brown paper floor... cost effective alternative to wood {Joyfolie}

DIY, Crafts & Other Projects: Paper bag Floor
  • Jennifer Rosenberg
    Jennifer Rosenberg


Brown Paper Floor {For the Love of Lillian}

For the Love of Lillian: Paper Bag Floor

Brown Paper Floor (natural, no stain) {Holly's Corner}

Brown Paper Floors | Holly's Corner

Brown Paper Floor laid as planks for a faux wood look {Corn In My Coffee Pot}

Corn in My Coffee Pot: Faux Wood Floor- ‘Paper-Decoupage-Floor’

Brown Paper Floor with Red Oak stain {Compulsive...}

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Brown Paper Floor, looks like leather {Live 'n' Learn Farm}

Live 'n' Learn Farm: Leather Floor?

Brown Paper Floor {Southern Grace}

Southern Grace Life: Brown Paper Floor

Brown Paper Floor (natural, no stain) {A Southern Belle Home}

The Amazing Floor Makeover

Brown Paper Floor in bathroom (with stain) {Grocery Shrink}

The Grocery Shrink Blog: New floor Pictures
  • Kathy Wooten
    Kathy Wooten

    I need help! Subfloor laid on backside that is very rough & the paper won't stick. I'm using the ratio listed. Can you give me insight to using s different mix of water & glue? Should I sand the floor 1st?

Brown paper flooring is beautiful! (Dark Walnut Stain) {Blue Picket Realty}

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Brown Paper Floor (Dark Walnut stain) in bathroom over linoleum {Lovely Crafty Home}

Out West, Where Home Depot Is Still My Home

Paper Bag Floor (natural, no stain) {6826 Freeman Ridge}

Paper Bag Floor
  • Yetta Bragg
    Yetta Bragg

    Candice ready for another project???

Brown Paper Floor with Jacobean stain {mossisawesome}

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High gloss poly on brown paper floor, via Flickr {AgelessNVegas}

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Natural (no stain) brown paper floor {Recovering Straight Girl}

Brown Paper Floor Project

My New Brown Paper Flooring...pretty cool stuff {Stop Staring And Start Sewing}

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