This is what I felt last night during the Planetshakers concert -.-" (at least I got to stand on the chair)

in your daily hustle and grind don't forget children are watching. What will they grow to emulate?

This becomes a problem nearly every time I am going somewhere with Dan or Austin.

Short People Problems - Hard to keep up! My Dad walked very fast and I remember practically running to keep up. As a short adult, I still have that problem.

Where do I begin?

Short People Problem we're the sneaky, speedy ones. i dont know that's a problem, seems like an advantage

is this mean?

i HATE when short people complain about this. TALL PEOPLE PROBLEM you get happy when you see people taller than you!

Short People Problem 101

Short People Problems- I didn't even realize this wasn't normal? Does this truly only happen to short people? I don't think I'm that short.