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Christmas Tradition - wrap up twenty-five childrens books and put them under the tree with a special blanket next to them. Before bed each evening, your kids choose one book to open and read together...until Christmas


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from Wholesome Homemade Baby Food Recipes

For Babies 8 months to 12 months old - Baby Menus, Baby Food Menus and Schedules for Solid Foods - Menus for Homemade Baby Food

Baby Food Schedule
Baby Feeding Schedule
9 Month Old Food Menu
Feeding Schedule For 1 Year Old
8 Month Old Feeding Schedule
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Breakfast Menus

Sample food chart for 8 month old on solids.


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Calm Down Jar - A creative approach to time-out. Child first shakes the jar to get their frustrations out, then they're asked to wait until the glitter has all settled on the bottom. That's when time-out is over. I think I need one of these...

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Tape a number 1 on the canvas then let them finger paint to make their first work of art to hang in their bedroom.

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Oobi Baby

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Love the acqua bed with yellow and the pillow. Would look perfect on a nice white wall.

Oobi Baby — mini style

Toddler Bedroom Ideas For Boys
Playroom Ideas For Toddlers
Baby Boy Room Decor Ideas
Boys Bedroom Decor
Toddler Bedroom Storage Ideas
Book Storage Ideas Kids
3 Year Old Bedroom Boy
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Shelf Ideas For Bedroom

Montessori approach to providing a dedicated reading area for a toddler. As soon as we setup the book display, our 18 month old found his way, picked a book and sat down to "read" by himself.

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Such a cute idea!

- Southern Exposure - Riley's Christmas Gift

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DIY Halloween DIY Costumes :DIY Baby Girls Halloween Costumes : DIY: Black Cat Costume

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Healthy Bday Cake
from Oh Everything Handmade

Recipe // Baby's First Healthy Cake

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Healthy Bday Cake

Recipe // Healthy Baby's First Cake | Oh Everything Handmade

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DIY Soft Sew Fabric Cat | this would be cute with a big pocket on the back for a little girl to tuck her pajama's inside in the mornings when she changes into her play , clothes ,AMEI O MODO QUE É FEITO,ESTE GATINHO

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