is google a boy or a girl?

Girl are you stuffed crust pizza because you're all I think about.

Every time!

I know this is mildly inappropriate, but this was my childhood and is still the status quo at my parents house and it is much too funny NOT to post. tupperWHERE THE FUCK IS THE FUCKING LID.

Story of my work life

Glitter was a great idea; until you realized it's the Herpes of crafting supplies and now you can't get rid of it. (I remember a math day at school where one of teh mums had the brilliant idea of bringing in glitter. We laugh about it today.

When I say, 'That's crazy', it's usually because I haven't been paying attention or I simply have no idea what else to say.

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Right! :)

They should put more wine in a bottle. So there's enough for two people.---for all of my vino drinking friends :) Cheers :)

Hahahahaha yes!

I'm gonna be so productive today! Right after I scroll through all of this is so me!

One woman’s struggle to reuse her penis-shaped cake tin...seriously dying right now!

All I saw was different colored penis! But that is just me! One woman’s struggle to reuse her penis-shaped cake tin.seriously dying right now! I guess I didn't realize that there was such a thing as a penis-shaped cake tin!

Most accurate graphs ever made…

Most accurate graphs ever made…

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Oh. My!

Soy milk…

"It's so damn hot. milk was a bad choice." Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy in Anchorman Rincon

A little harsh but dead on :)

Free, Baby Ecard: Yes, please whine to me about how tired you are today. Are you growing a human? I didn't think so. Now shut the hell up.

I found my favorite!

A Don’t Fucking Care Bear! His name is Eat Shit…. Wonder what the others are named.

I laughed ridiculously too much at this...

Here is a neat Internet meme: Jesus Was Here with a photo showcasing wine bottles below a sign that says water. Jesus’s first miracle was to change water into wine at the wedding at Cana.