Boho Chic #Skirt - from the Spring 2015 Issue of Love of #Knitting magazine

Boho Chic Skirt

Party Starter Skirt - from Love of Knitting's Holiday Knits 2014 Issue With shimmering yarn and a flattering chevron stitch pattern, this skirt is sure to make the season a little brighter. The elastic waistband allows for a comfortable fit, so you’ll be free to dance as long as you want at your next holiday bash.

Party Starter Skirt

City Lights Dress - dress knitting pattern, knit dress pattern

City Lights Dress

Graphite pencil skirt pattern | Love of Knitting Fall 2011 | Love of Knitting

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Learning how to knit a dress is surprisingly easy with this knitting pattern.

The Brigitte Dress

What a darling sweater and skirt set! #knitting

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Knit your own wedding dress!!

The Elizabeth Dress

This crocheted skirt will wow all your friends! You can find the pattern in Love of Crochet.

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An elegant herringbone pattern marvelously complements the flattering A-line shape of this chic skirt. This pattern is from Love of Knitting.

Herringbone skirt

Vertical ribs are both figure flattering and slimming. This pencil skirt pattern is from Love of Knitting.

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Step into the spotlight with this dramatic dress. This pattern is from Love of Knitting.

Principessa dress - stunning knit dress