All the relationships I've had then the perfect one gets ripped out of my hands as the zombie apocalypse started or something and then it's me alone and then twigs snap behind me for me to find Ken since we broke up and feelings were never buried.

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i do this because everyone anyone whoevermeant anything just leaves anyway... so sometimes i like to feel like im the one leaving them ... like if i hav control then the lost wont hurt... because lying to myself seems to be a hobbie

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Hey I have just made a Tumblr ♡. I was wondering If you can follow me :). If not that's fine but its Comment yours and I'll follow you back. You may now go back to having a good time :) More

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"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults..." Quotes!

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I'll forgive just because you had my heart and I loved you with all my life but it was time to go no matter how hard it is to not hate you I forgive you for all the things you put me through, and I hope someday we can be ok with how it all went down.

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I would love to feel what life is like again. For I coat myself in shame and regret for things I have done, the ways in have hurt you. I am numb and dying..... especially when I know that you and God are the only ones that can bring me back to life.

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