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Endeavour & 747 carrier

Round trip with Endeavour

The space shuttle Endeavour,fresh from the mission and mounted atop its modified Boeing 747 carrier aircraft, flies over California's Mojave Desert on a three-day trip back to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday Dec. By AP Photo/NASA

I found a space available two doors down from Vinnie, and I took a stab at parallel-parking BIG BLUE. In slightly less than ten minutes, I got the car pretty well angled in, with only one rear tire on the sidewalk.  “Nice parking job,” Connie said. “I was afraid you were going to run out of gas before you berthed the QE Two.”  I dumped my pocketbook onto the Naugahyde couch. “I’m getting better. I only hit the car behind me twice, and I missed the parking meter totally.” --Two For the Dough

One For The Money: What’s a 1953 Buick Roadmaster Worth?

Howard Hughes 1953 Buick Roadmaster, the same model and color as used in the Stephanie Plum series books. Ha had a car just llike this.same color.