Barbie and Ken Wedding Album - hilarious. Check this out!!!! So funny!!!

Real Wedding Album: Barbie & Ken!! (No, Really! It's Phenomenal!)

Barbie and Ken's wedding photos . This is happily ever after Barbie! Wedding Barbie and Ken. Marriage is between 2 people not 3 Trailer Trash Barbie Grace Chabot lol.

You know you're old when...

Playing with a computer as kid.

Funny pictures about Paint adventures. Oh, and cool pics about Paint adventures. Also, Paint adventures photos.

Ummm yes!!!

I still watch full house, saved by the bell, hey arnorld and recess. I still listen to spice girls. I teach kids how to play red light green light. i still read and watch goosebumps. I am a Kid!

Oh my gosh YES

Your biggest childhood fear

Your biggest childhood fear// the little metal pieces that shock you when you slide

The best relationship in disney ever. This moment in the show is one of the best scenes produced

The best relationship in disney ever

The Suite Life On Deck Mr. Mosby always seems to fill in the sweet father role in all the teen characters lives. Mosby is also the much needed moral support to all the adults.

Out of the box--I always wondered that lol...

Funny pictures about Unsolved mystery of my childhood. Oh, and cool pics about Unsolved mystery of my childhood. Also, Unsolved mystery of my childhood.

I know, right?! I miss VHSes...

Oh, VHS, you were so good to us! (and still are for those of us who still have VHS tapes and a VCR!

Haha I used to sing this song in VBS when I was little...

Down in my heart to stay! (I used to sing this in church all the time when I was a kid)❤

I miss the old Disney channel.

My Disney Channel was Even Stevens, That's So Raven, and Lizzie McGuire. It didn't involve talking fish or 11 year old in high school<<<< Although I did like Fish Hooks

Had these!!!! Lol

i just got a cotton candy liquid lip smackers from Dollar Tree

Loved four square!!

Foursquare Goes To School With 20 University Partnerships

Like and share if you ever did this ;)

It was cool to stick a pin through your skin.weird but true

Waiting room toys.

One variation or another of this toy was in every doctor's office and dentist office during my childhood.

Phil of the Future 2004-11 - No way... I still remember watching this show.  Fond memories.

He is not what he used to be…

okay we all know we used to have fat crushes on Phil of the Future.and now he just looks like a weirdo. So disappointing.