"petit théâtre d'ombres" lampe d'ambiance

"petit théâtre d'ombres" lampe d'ambiance

Open this page to see incredibly innovative ideas. Made with wood, perhaps could be adapted to use matting or tagboard?

Original papercut for a shadowbox by Catherine Bogomolova on Etsy. Wow.

Paper Cut Style Reference Original papercut for a shadowbox by Catherine Bogomolova on Etsy.

So awesome I can't even ... Paper Sculpture by Calvin Nichols

Calvin Nicholls’ paper animals

Calvin Nicholls is a Canadian artist, creating stunning paper sculptures. He has been creating his paper sculptures since 1986 and is now a master of the art. The artist finds his inspiration while en


Amazing paper sculptures created by talented Brazilian artist Carlos Meira. Beautiful artworks consist of intricate paper elements and figures.

What about a life size diorama (not this one literally ) but something colorful to step into as a photo booth?

Oscar's Accidental Adventure, Paper_Illustration Now that's what I call a diarama.

Shotopop - InRocks Lab

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lampada in legno affascinante "The Magic Theatre"

"Le théatre enchanté", lampe d'ambiance en bois

*Paper Sculpture by Jeff Nishinaka

Jeff Nishinaka, 1981 ~ Paper sculpture

Escultura de papel por Jeff Nishinaka/Paper Sculpture by Jeff Nishinaka

Paper art par Fideli Sundqvist -

I would like to wrap up for the weekend with the amazing work of Fideli Sundqvist a prop designer and pape.

Cut Paper Portraits and Illustration by Marina Adamova

Fantastic Cut Paper Portraits and Illustrations by Marina Adamova