Probably dangerous .....but so funny!

If you're ever having a bad day and need a laugh: watch this :) This is the funniest thing Ive ever seen.

Mom convinces Michael Buble to let her 15-year old son sing with him. He was floored by how well the boy could sing! - excuse Michael's language. But this is so great. ;P Love love love.

stopped during a concert invites a 15 year old boy onstage to sing with him.the expression on Michael's face as the first few notes escape the boys mouth are absolutely priceless. I love that Michael Buble says "holy shit balls"

My 3 year old must argue and debate everything!

Listen Linda, Listen Listen Listen Honey, 3 Year Old Arguing With Mother Super funny video of this old kid arguing with his mother over some cupcakes :)

▶ World's Toughest Job - #worldstoughestjob - YouTube  Awesome video, you have to watch this,,

World's Toughest Job - - Official Video Unlimited hours. No breaks. The most important job is also the world's toughest job


Tic-Tac - La Pire Haleine du Monde With a sort of flash mob approach, actors "faint" at the bad breath of unsuspecting passersby. In the end, they say, "Prends un Tic-Tac" ("Take a Tic-Tac").

Jerry needs no help playing with his ball.

Check out this clever automatic ball thrower for dogs an ingenius dog owner invented to amuse his enthusiastic tennis ball loving dachshund, Jerry.

Live young

Yes, it's a commercial video and made for fun, but, it's really entertaining. Watch the video now and see how these cute babies dance!

A Dog Scared to Death of Everyone Just Needed a Hug - The Most Beautiful Video ♥

Meet the Scared Dog That Only Wanted a Hug - Animals Video

CBS' WKBT News Anchor Responds to Viewer Email Calling Her Fat

You go girl! News Anchor Jennifer Livingston Responds To A Viewer Calling Her Fat (Bully Calls News Anchor Fat, News Anchor Destroys Him On Live TV) -- well worth your time to view this video/message .

I actually had tears watching this. ♥  Gil Zamora on Dove Real Beauty Sketches

FBI-trained sketch artist Gil Zamora talks about his experience in the forensic world and how that influenced the Dove Real Beauty Sketches social experiment.

Check out this adorbale child Kai singing Bruno Mars song - Grenade. It killin me how cute e is!!!

Check out this adorbale child Kai singing Bruno Mars song - Grenade. It killin me how cute e is!