the purpose of these is to learn a little more than you knew before. Take time to think about the answers to these and how they may relate to character and personality. You may learn a thing or two you didn’t know before!

20 Fun questions that will tell you more about your significant other | Living the Sweet Wife

16 Ways She Botched Our Marriage: great marriage advice for women from a man's perspective.

16 Ways She Botched Our Marriage

Australian Shepherd puppy!

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australian shepherd puppies wallpapers for desktop | All Puppies Pictures and Wallpapers

Australian Shepherd

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Confessions from an unsumbmissive wife. The truth about marriage and the problems with face as a Christian couple.

Confessions From An Unsubmissive Wife

Do you ever wish that sometimes you could just write a long list to your spouse of all the things he does that drive you insane?? I have done this.

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It's important, as wives, that we show love to our husbands. Even when we don't feel like it or have a ton of other things we need to do. Here are 10 great ideas to encourage you to show love to your husband. Watch his eyes light up!

10 Ways To Show Your Husband You Love Him

5 Ways to Bless Your Husband - Simple and effect ways to show your husband just how much you love him. Best of all... they are all free!

5 Ways to Bless Your Husband - Creative Home Keeper

What can a wife do when her husband is down? Discouraged? Even defeated? Here are some ways you can encourage your man when he could use some spiritual lifting up! How to Truly Encourage the Spiritual Life of Your Husband ~ Club31Women

How to Truly Encourage the Spiritual Life of Your Husband - Club 31 Women

Framed my wedding dress and love seeing it in my closet every day!

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Ummmm GORGEOUS! vintage cartier jewelry 2013-2014

Well that's a nice rock (32 photos)

Wedding dress with gorgeous gold embellishment. This is what I want, just with more white!

31 Indian wedding dresses

Probably one of the most ingenious products I've ever seen: an undies pouch! Yes, you read that right! This pouch is designed to store 3-6 bras and 4-6 undies within the compartments. There's a detachable zipper pouch to store undies waiting to be thrown into the laundry. There's also a pocket on the side for other lady essentials too. This is also super handy for traveling as I can pack all my essentials in the pouch and just toss it into the luggage. This is available at!

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open back lace wedding dress | Wedding Pins! The Best Wedding Picture Ideas! Create Your Wedding Picture List Today!

open back lace wedding dress

Sherri Hill (Spring-2015)

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77 Photos Guaranteed To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

77 Photos Guaranteed To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Give Up Now: You will never stay married to the same person

Give Up Now—You Will NEVER Stay Married to the Same Person | Zack's Bowl of Oates

Im tired of being the bigger person. One day, Id like to be the bitch they claim I am. (ha perfect!)

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This is what I mean what is wrong with people who are absolutely CALOUS TO THE CORE

Victim of bitterness, jealousy and lies?

Black off the shoulder shift dress & jessica simpson dany platform heels!-without the necklace

oomph.: holy mother of...shitzu.

Jessica Simpson Shoes, Jumba Flat Sandals

Jessica Simpson Jumba Thong Sandals - Shoes - Macy's

Gianni Bini Erynn Floral Romper #Dillards -- Gorgeous!

Gianni Bini Erynn Floral Romper |

22 Clever Kitchen Tips That Will Make Your Life Much More Enjoyable

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How to make fleece look like new.

How To: Make Your Fleece Jackets Look New Again