Wentworth Miller with Love.: Wentworth Miller & OUT

Wentworth Miller publicly opened up about his struggles with mental heath. He is teaching people self care and is an inspiration to so many.

Wentworth Miller Photo Gallery : theBERRY

Afternoon eye candy: Wentworth Miller (21 photos)

Wentworth Miller | Why thank you, yes, I'll take that coffee, my dear!

Someone bring us an oxygen mask! We can't breathe looking at this SMOKESHOW! Wentworth Miller was spotted swinging by a Starbucks for some coffee this.

"Cooper: No, you don't get to just walk away from me like that! How dare you? How dare you do this? Charlotte: It's just the way I am. Cooper: Well that's crap! You did the one thing you could to push me away and make me make the choice and not you? Well guess what Charlotte, that's not going to work." Private Practice

Paul Adelstein (Cooper on "Private Practice"). He is my favorite male character on the show, and I think he is a fantastic actor. Love him.

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(Canning Tatum < Wentworth Miller. All day, (age wentworth miller (aka michael scofield from prison break).

Wentworth Miller- He even said he prefers to stay in and play board games! Play with meeeeeee haha

ive decided, while i have no shows to watch, i will start Prison Break. cause i only saw the last season.