great way to explain how regrouping really works. - use with my kiddos who are still struggling with the concept!!

Excellent way to conceptually teach subtraction with regrouping. Maybe use tens and ones blocks instead. (Borrowing a bundle of tens)

non fiction text feature anchor chart w. examples... could even turn it into a n.f. text feature wall having kiddos add to it as they encounter them in their reading.

non-fiction text features anchor chart. Focusing on non-fiction text is equally important, as much of the reading required in the junior grades is focused on non-fiction text and writing.

Great idea for differentiation. Allows for reteaching while still keeping students engaged and learning. Wonder if the Daily 5 for math is similar?

Math: Station rotation: Math Workshop Adventures: Estimation, Math Notebooks, and Anchor Charts

The Math Journal Component ~ WOW! This post is packed with fabulous ideas. :) Love the idea to use journals as a "math tub" activity with a spiraled skill.

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