...This is seriously one of the finest crossovers I've seen. Kudos to the genius who put together a Pokelock mashup, I think I love you. Though I picture martin with a sandshrew.

That’s true loyalty…

Funny pictures about That's true loyalty. Oh, and cool pics about That's true loyalty. Also, That's true loyalty.

Pokémon novel done right lol

But how long have you been ten?

Pokemon Shaming

You liked poke shaming, so here's a part 2.

oh my... IT'S LINK! NOT ZELDA!!

YOU'RE DRESSED UP AS LINK! NOT ZELDA! For the love of myself and all video gamers, actually play the video game before bashing it. btw Zelda is a girl. My suggestion is touch a gaming console before even mentioning Zelda or Link.

So True...

Funny pictures about Pokemon life cycle. Oh, and cool pics about Pokemon life cycle. Also, Pokemon life cycle photos.

So true...

My parents should be proud of me

Video Game Logic - Imgur I care very little about the last one but these are dry accurate.

Video Game Logic

Video game logic LOL it's funny cause' it's true. The little things that make video games so so funny LOL again

Pokemon time timeline

My first pokemon game was fire red. I still remember the day I bought it at Target. Which was your first game? >> my first was pokemon red, I got it from my big bro when he didnt play it anymore xd

To Catch a Skyrim Thief - my character would've just taken everything and they don't even turn around

To Catch a Skyrim Thief. from Dorkly. rti' MIE To Catch a Skyrim Thief from Dorkly rti' MIE


No Way Deadpool Will Top This Incredible Poster

psionicillusionist: “bigwordsandsharpedges: ““With great power comes great irresponsibility”Sounds about right for Deadpool. ” I’ve never been more ready for a movie in my life.

Going to the Gym Pokémon style!

Going to the Gym - Pokemon Shirt, Womens Clothing, Workout Tank Top, G – Print Proxy

Do it

But remain a closet fan, only telling your closest friends who are also closet Pokemon fans :) <--- WHAT? most people know I'm in love with Pokémon.