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I’m Liz, a ballet teacher and triathlete. I love triathlons, training, racing, gear, and all sorts of good stuff, especially cats and coffee.
Liz Blackwood
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Hip Strengthening and Mobility Exercises for Runners | ACTIVE

Most knee pain, IT band injuries and other woes are caused by overly tight hip flexors, and weak stabilizing muscles. These eight exercises and stretches can.

Rev 3 Anderson Training Update #3 – Loving to Tri

This past week was my last big training week. Short version of this training update: I got in three bike rides, two runs, and two swims.

Rev3 Anderson Race Report – Loving to Tri

Yesterday was my last triathlon of the season! This Anderson race report is pretty long. If you want the short story, here it is: the race was GREAT!

2014 Racing Season Recap – Loving to Tri

2014 Racing Season Recap - Loving to Tri