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Lowe's Fix in Six

Explore our six-second home improvement tips as seen on Vine!

Lowe's Fix in Six

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Paint an old cutting board with chalkboard paint to use as a grocery list #lowesfixinsix

Lowes's post on Vine

Stick a magnetic strip inside your medicine cabinet to hold bobby pins. #lowesfixinsix

Lowes's post on Vine
  • Yoli

    That is unnerving!

  • Heather Gray
    Heather Gray

    Creepy pic

  • Giulia Джюлия Иванова
    Giulia Джюлия Иванова

    Ummmmm......that will make you want to check under the bed.

  • Monica

    Uhhh, interesting photo.... Weird!

  • A Light on a Hill Productions
    A Light on a Hill Productions

    Love the idea! My girls always leave BP all over the place. :)

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Soak up water spills in the garage with sawdust. #lowesfixinsix

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Microwave a wet sponge for 2 min to kill germs. Then let it cool. #lowesfixinsix

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  • A Light on a Hill Productions
    A Light on a Hill Productions

    cool animation!

Use walnuts to remove light scratches on wood. The oils will fill in the scratches! #lowesfixinsix

Lowes's post on Vine

To remove a water stain from wood, spread real mayo on it and let sit for 4+ hours. #lowesfixinsix

Lowes's post on Vine
  • Jann

    This totally works! I've done a couple times now:))

  • Kate Edstrom
    Kate Edstrom

    why is the water stain shaped like a piece of bread?

Turn a colorful or patterned tank top into a pillowcase in 5 minutes. #LowesFixInSix

Lowes's post on Vine
  • Heather Gray
    Heather Gray

    You guys are choosing some interesting pics to get people to click

  • Donene Hurst
    Donene Hurst

    It's a good thing I can read. The pictures don't relate to the subject. Italy be easier for me to go to another site.

Use a cookie cutter and a hammer for perfect pumpkin carving. #LowesFixInSix

Lowes's post on Vine

Remove pet hair from carpet with a window squeegee #lowesfixinsix

  • Cindy Holiday
    Cindy Holiday

    I've done this. Brilliant! Works great against baseboards too.

  • Tina C
    Tina C

    I'm sure it works great, but if you have a mini schnauzer, (pic) you won't need it ;)

  • Parker' Landscaping
    Parker' Landscaping

    Ha Ha Ha what you are trying to sale might work but you do not need a mini schnauzer they don't shad get a cat ha ha ha this is funny

Stripping wallpaper? Make it easier with hot water & fabric softener. #lowesfixinsix

Put a fan on the deck to keep the mosquitos away without bug spray #lowesfixinsix

To keep slugs out of his garden, Dallas from our Layton, UT store uses coffee grounds. #LowesFixInSix

Use an old slow cooker to remove paint. Just don't use it again for cooking! #LowesFixInSix

Keep it straight. Use wood for edging. Tweet your own tip to #FanFixInSix . It may be used in #lowesfixinsix . T&Cs:

Don't forget your measurements! Use painters tape to write down the exact numbers so you aren't guessing later! #LowesFixinSix

A shovel can double as a measuring tool. Have a tip that's ready to be Vine-famous? Tweet it to #FanFixInSix ! T&Cs:

Make staining your fence or deck a lot easier. Just upcycle a milk jug! Pour the stain inside, and have a great place to keep the paint brush when it isn't in use. #Vine #lowesfixinsix 15h

  • Janet Lynn
    Janet Lynn

    somehow I see a mess happenong with this

Cupcake pans: great for making cupcakes, even better for making flowers. #Vine #lowesfixinsix

Give your ornaments a new home. Upcycle egg cartons into a useful storage solution. #Vine #lowesfixinsix

  • Charlene Caldwell
    Charlene Caldwell

    Have to start saving egg cartons!

Lots of presents, lots of leftover ribbon. Get organized with a hanger. #Vine #lowesfixinsix

Avoid bent bristles. Use binder clips to hold your paint brush while soaking. #Vine #LowesFixInSix

Wrap your outdoor planters in bubble wrap and burlap to keep them warm this winter. #Vine #lowesfixinsix

Squeaky floor? Spread talcum powder with a paint brush for some peace and quiet. #Vine #Lowesfixinsix

  • Elvira Gascon
    Elvira Gascon

    Would you mop the floor after

  • Infinity Home Renovations Inc.
    Infinity Home Renovations Inc.

    nice trick

  • Barbara Curry
    Barbara Curry

    Wonder what happens when you vacuum ?!?!

A rubber band, a plastic bag, vinegar and a few hours; that's all you need for a clean showerhead. #Vine #lowesfixinsix

  • Tee Thonen
    Tee Thonen

    I tried the "the bag" way. Personally it wasn't that easy for me. So I just unscrewed the shower head, placed it in a bowl of vinegar, and after a bit of time screwed the shower head back on. Very easy.

  • Brenna Sullivan
    Brenna Sullivan

    TEE, you're right, just screwing it back on does work about 50% of the time. Sometimes (like at my house... *sigh*) you have to use that sealing tape stuff when you screw the shower head back on to keep it from dripping. It's a pain :(

  • Tee Thonen
    Tee Thonen

    Brenna Farquharson, I feel your pain. For years my tightwad husband used the sealing tape. I went out and bought a newer shower head and so far, after about 4 years, its still going strong without the sealing tape.

  • Tee Thonen
    Tee Thonen

    White, distilled.

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Drilling on bathroom tiles is tricky. Use masking tape to keep your drill from slipping. #Vine #lowesfixinsix