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an advertisement for the french theatre verdun, featuring a man with a guitar
"Worthy Is The Lamb", The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
an old propaganda poster with the image of two boars attacking each other and flags in the background
This Will Happen To The Fascist Beast, USSR, 1944, artwork by Aleksei Kokorekin
Prove your humanity
Prove your humanity
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Fate tutti il vostro dovere! Le sottoscrizioni al prestito si ricevono presso il Credito Italiano
an old poster with a man holding a red flag
Le Dernier jour de la Commune, Paris 1871. Grand panorama, 26 rue de Bondy peint par Castellani [insurgé] : [affiche] / Hope [= Léon Choubrac dit]
Giorgio, Italia, Italian Empire, Vintage Italian Posters, Propaganda Art, Italy History, Propaganda
1918 ... haughty Huns meet death!
an image of a man in armor standing on top of a boat with flags behind him
Poland, Vilnius, Mj, Civilization
The Russian Civil War 1917-1922
an old book with arabic writing on the front and back cover, depicting a man carrying a
At Your Service Palestine | PPPA
an old poster with a man holding a placard
Anti-Communist propaganda is more awesome than any horror movie poster
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Victorious troops marching
Big Brother, Republic Pictures, Democracy, Feb 2017, February Revolution