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Royal Society reveals best nature pictures of the year

Category winner: Ecology and Environmental Science Tadpoles of many anuran species come in high numbers, but not many make it to adulthood. Here a group of common toad (Bufo bufo) tadpoles is seen from below.

Rare Ruby Glass Perfume Bottle German, late century, formed as a pilgrim’s bottle, ribbed, encased in elaborate silver strapwork mounts.

les petits 🐁 little animals l´écureuil the squirrel reflet reflection nature environnement

Photo by Mecuro B Cotto - Mermaid.

mermaid by mecuro b cotto. curves, the stairs and the model.

Robert Doisneau Neige à New York Maurice Baquet en 1960 Photo

Robert Doisneau Neige à New York - Maurice Baquet en 1960

French cellist Maurice Baquet during New York snow storm – Robert Doisneau 1960

Dämonischer Türklopfer

Devil Door Knocker Randomville: Unique Knockers And Unusual Knobs

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ROO in Penge, London, 2018

ROO in Penge, London, 2018

Street art

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