Did you know that Latinos make up 50.5% of the US population?

[Infographic] Data on the branding power of Latinos in the U. from the Pew Hispanic Center.

High School Drop Out Crisis in Latino Community

Nationwide, Latino students face an increased risk of dropping out of school. 41 percent of Latinos ages 20 and older do not have a high school diploma, compared to 23 percent of blacks and 14 percent of whites.

Hispanic mobile consumer trends - Infographic

2012 Hispanic Mobile Consumer Trends - The Hispanic market is becoming increasingly important

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Hispanics Drive America Forward as More Gain Access to Credit Infographic

As more Hispanics gain access to credit and credit cards, they continue to play an expanding role in the American economy. Key demographic trends and credit card usage rates among Hispanic Americans show they are helping to drive the nation .

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How Techno-Hispanics are Influencing Social Media