well, this is going to be almost as dangerous as pinterest!  Online store for discount craft and decorating supplies....love this site! WHOA! INexpensive!

3 Tier Stacking Apothecary Jars 12.5 in

Online store for discounted craft & decorating supplies. Online store for discount craft and decorating supplies.love this site!

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Ten genius storage ideas for the bathroom 81

How to Build a Crate Shelving Unit: All the supplies you will need - 2 crates, 2 furring strips, and Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain.

A Calming Sea of Blues

7 Living Room Color Schemes that will Make Your Space Look Professionally Designed

Now I have a reason to buy all the gold candlesticks that nobody wants at the thrift!

Spray-painted thrift store candlesticks, how clever for those brass candlesticks

An Easy Way to Add More Counter Space to Your Kitchen. Looking for remodel or renovation ideas? Upgrade your pantry, no matter what size it is, with a countertop at waist level instead of a shelf.

This Pantry Has a Very Inspiring Amount of Countertop Space — Pantries to Pin

Under cabinet, off the counter storage idea: Towel rod(s) w/o hooks to hang wire baskets.

By hanging curtain rods and holders, you're able to eliminate the clutter on your kitchen counter. Easy clean ups! kitchen storage ideas, kitchen organizing ideas, DIY home decor ideas

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