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    Lauren P. Scott
    Lauren P. Scott
    Lauren P. Scott

    Lauren P. Scott

    If you don't know it by now.... we do. Love BRG. Check for a running group in your area.... they are all over the nation. We've got to stop the No.1 killer and threat to Black Women, heart disease... so get out there and run!

    Maybe if I get those shorts I!

    When I say I want a laundry room...I mean I want a laundry ROOM!! This is it!

    I'm either at home, work, the gym, eating pizza...or at Target!!

    Made this for a get together over the holidays and it turned out great!! Will def make it again.

    Odd Thomas. Yes he was, but I loved him just the same. The end got me.

    Oh, this one pulled my heart strings...

    Hey! I like a good mix of reading material. And don't judge a book by it's title! lol

    This sat on my parent's bookcase for years before I picked it up. So very glad I did! Loved it!

    My guilty pleasure ;-)...when I finished the series I didn't know what to do. Lol!

    700+ pages I believe...but every page was worth reading! When a story is that good I prefer for it to be long.

    One of my all time favorites! Looking forward to the movie (re-make).