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Lifted trucks

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Southern girls love their tans, 3 inexpensive products!

Henry Cavill - Rebirth of a Legeng - Superman

We're special! www.diabetesinfor...




Lol? I dont know if I can agree with this one, sarcasm is prob my third language, and cursing well rarely unless I come across bitchy teachers.


just hit that nail square on the head.. except for the late night thing, i like sleep


I'm always telling my husband how I notice the littlest things that no one else would even consider relavent. I'm an open book to the people I LOVE & most asuredly, TRUST; but if I don't know you or trust you...I'm quite reserved and can appear uncaring. But, I'm just feeling things out.

Wow, I wish my mom had used these guidelines when raising me! Instead throughout my childhood and teenage years she tried her best to turn someone who was happy as in introvert into an extrovert. The result was being in constant anxiety and misery. At least I know to respect my children (when I have them), whether they are an introvert like me, or an extrovert like their Daddy. ♥

We may argue but he does not use his ego to impose his presence. He loves me even when I am not perfect and silly at times.

50 thing that look just like your childhood

50 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again - I remember every one of these!

Man kids are dumb and buy anything and can say this as I had them

Born in the 80s, grew up in the 90's