Luciana Oliveira

Luciana Oliveira

Luciana Oliveira
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PVC DIY cat play set. The pre-made version of this is $154.00!! I know I can make it for way cheap.

PVC Frame 5 Tier Cat Tree (Cat Trees): Designed for your pet s health and comfort, our indoor outdoor 5 tiered cat tree is the perfect, space saving solution for your home, outside your home, or for breeders and pet


DIY here’s a cheap fun way to reuse some old boxes and give your tiger a new area to romp around in. Should try this with my cats

Hanging cat furniture is great if you don't want ugly cat furniture sitting in the corner of the room! It won't scratch up the floors and it looks cool too!

Hanging Cat Cuddle Pod Plow & Hearth ---- This is funny. I wonder how easy it is to miss, like a human getting into a hammock.