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Curly hair tutorial - sure wish this blog had been written many years ago. I know everyone says "this really works", but this really has worked for me, getting lots of compliments on my curly hair style nowadays. Love it.


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I'm a hairdresser and these are really good tips and tricks...29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know


9 Easy And Chic Hairstyle Tutorials With Braids

The Braid Hawk! I love this - I French braid and tuck under for a smooth, all-off-my-face, smart look for work, but I love the idea of inverting it, doing a tugged out Dutch braid (tucked under), for a faux hawk for going out.


Aahhh I can do this!! I give this a 10 out of 10! VERY easy! Very pretty! AND, even with a sensitive head as I do ( a lot of up dos give me a massive headache), I wore this for 14 hours without any pain, PLUS it stayed in all day!!!

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Master Class: Blow-Dry Your Hair Like a Pro

How to blow dry medium hair: Unclip the top section and dry the whole chunk at once: Pull it straight up and point the dryer up too, which will help lock in the lift.


Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

Spin pins are every hairstylist's secret weapon. You only need one to secure this easy twisted updo. #weddinghair #mediumhair