snow paint... when it dries, it's this soft spongy art project. to make your snow paint, com­bine equal parts white glue & shav­ing cream

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trace your child's hand every first day of school

Crissy's Crafts: Kissing Hand Keys

4 cups sand + 2 cups cornflour + 1 cup of water = moon sand

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shaving cream bathtub paint

Having Fun at Home: Shaving Cream Bathtub Paint

kids will love playing with moon sand... just 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil, really soft and easy to clean up

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nature scavenger hunt

The Taylor House

Primary Talks for every weeklyy gospel principle taught in I am a Child of God for 2013! Must remember!

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TON of ideas for Relief Society, Visiting Teaching, and Young Womens {Desserts, handouts, party decorations....}

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A TON of ideas for Relief Society, Visiting Teaching, and Young Womens {Desserts, handouts, party decorations....} LOVE!

Marci Coombs: 'Being an Example' handout.

For lesson on Holy Ghost/baptism gift

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Happy birthday balloon taped to a pixie stick! CHEAP, CUTE, and WHAT CHILD DOESN'T LOVE PIXIE STICKS?!

What the Teacher Wants!

sacrament meeting fun

Some quiet book ideas

I love to make quote journals.

Journal Quotes Week 5 | The Red Headed Hostess

What to do with all your Friend Magazines.

Our Family Blog

Lots of Object Lessons & Great Ideas for Teaching Kids

Teaching LDS Children | Lessons and games for LDS families

Alma teaches faith

Lesson 22 - Alma Teaches Faith | Teaching LDS Children

Awesome Primary lessons and more

Book of Mormon Scripture Stickers | Teaching LDS Children

2012 FHE lessons that go along with the Primary theme of "Choose the Right"

2012 Family Home Evening Lessons

Cute printables in 5 colors for the 2012 Primary theme

It Works For Bobbi!: 2012 Primary Theme Free Printable

CUTEST handouts ever.

Give 'Em Heaven!: FHE 5/21: Keeping our Covenants

Oodles and ooldes of LDS printables! YW, Primary, RS

My Computer is My Canvas: My LDS Printables

If you are a primary teacher this website is awesome. Also is great for other primary callings and family home evening ideas.

Book of Mormon Lessons 11-15 | Teaching LDS Children

wiggle worm jar, perfect for my singing time wigglers! #primary

Camille's Primary Ideas: Wiggle Worms

magic water #primary

Magic Water » Sing. Play. Eat.

kids will love this #primary

Birthday Cupcakes