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Information Literacy

With all the trillions of bytes of electronic, media, and printed information out there, how do you search for and find the best? Start here to help you on your quest. Learn to be a good information consumer. There are also some on how to be a good information literacy teacher.
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Library Building

The Library

Specific Databases

Lsc North

Harris Library

It S Pinterest

North Harris

Beautiful Building


Tutorials on everything from how to evaluate information to using specific databases

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Literacy 2011

Literacy Core

K 12 Library

Library Catalog

Pillars Model

7 Pillars

Core Model

Library Materials

Information Literacy

Here are many video tutorials on finding the best library materials for your project such as searching the library catalog, evaluating information, searching specific online databases, and how to cite your sources

Video Tutorials LSC-North Harris

Properly Evaluate

Information Literacy

Interesting Information

How To Be



The Internet



Learn how to be a good information consumer by being able to properly evaluate information on the internet

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Search Strategies

Tips Strategies

School Knowing

All Colleges

Literacy Helps

More Games

Information Literacy

College Students

High Schools

Teaches information search strategies such as choosing keywords, and finding and evaluating sources. Great for high school and new college students.

Lone Star College Online Library Catalog

Basic Internet

Internet Search

Image Audio

Teaches Basic

Search Skills

Video Files

Information Literacy

A Well


Teaches basic internet search skills as well as specifically how to find the best image, audio, and video files.

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Gathering Skills

Wonderful Colleague

Fulton S

Practical Guide

Information Literacy

Digital Literacy

Problem Solving



Practical guide for everyone on learning and putting to use the best information gathering skills

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S63 2012

School 2016


Study Skills

New Nonfiction

College Students




Guide for assessing and teaching information skills to college students

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2014 Teaching

Online Teaching

Fluency Divide

Digital Fluency

Digital Literacy

Digital Learning

E Learning


Teaching Uw Stout

Guide for teaching students and children how to be good information consumers

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Cyberage Books


Books Digital



Science Books

Computer Science

Social Media


"Skilled researchers, journalists, and subject experts have come together in this follow-up to Web of Deception to reveal important lessons for staying safe and retaining privacy online."

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Awareness Well

Diann Dumas Hit

Book Raises

Professional Reputations

Technology Etiquette

Psychological Health

Information Literacy

Into The Future


"This book raises readers awareness of the array of information they can leave behind when using technology and the Web, discussing how to protect their physical and psychological health; identities and property; and social and professional reputations well into the future."

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K 12 Library

Practical Guide

Information Literacy





Practical guide for librarians on how to teach information literacy with humor

Lone Star College Online Library Catalog

Wireless Telephones

Technological Advances


Mobile Computing

Information Literacy

Daily Life

Wide Range

Mobile Devices


"Describes the evolution of mobile computing from bulky wireless telephones to a wide range of mobile devices and applications, and details how daily life has changed due to these technological advances."

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Including Blogs

Content Including

Creating Content

Literacy Scoop

Internet Content

Information Literacy

High School Students

Books Read

School Daze

"Describes the ways that users may generate Internet content, including blogs, Wikipedia, social networks, and sites for posting photographs and videos, and discusses Internet dangers and such activities to avoid as copyright violations."

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Literacy Scott

Literacy 21St

Literacy Cover

Today S Students

High School Students

Scott Lanning

Unlimited 2012

Information Literacy Skills

Concise Guide

Great guide to using libraries and librarians for finding the best information

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Basics Book

Rights And Responsibilities

Information Literacy

The O'Jays

A great basics book on information and the rights and responsibilities that come with it

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