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Energy Saving Devices

These are devices that can help you save on the amount of energy you use in your house.
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Sense - Home Energy Monitor

Home Energy Monitor

FIXO: the first Smart Disc is landing home | Indiegogo

FIXO: the smart disc is landing home

Vera is the Simplest Way to Control Your Home. Anytime. Anywhere. No Monthly Fees. No Contracts. No Hassles. Smart Home, Made Easy!

Vera™ ▾ Smarter Home Control

Evadrop smart shower

Eva Smart Shower - Save Up To 50% Of Your Water!

The Stack Downlight Starter Kit is a powerful way to add smart lighting to your home without the constant need for a phone, but there's a way to go before the experience is truly untethered.

Stack Downlight Starter Kit



Smart Thermostat for Smartphone by Netatmo

Smart Thermostat for Smartphone by Netatmo

LIGHTIFY - smart connected light

LIGHTIFY for home - what is light to you?

ZOE - Create your dream smart home with a beautiful device that keeps your home life private.

CLICK HERE to support Protonet ZOE - Start your secure smart home now!

Stack – Circadian lighting


C-Life and C-Sleep by GE

C by GE

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall

ElectrIQ Power delivers a complete renewable energy solution for your home using our state-of-the-art lithium ion batteries for energy storage.

Renewable Home Energy & Battery Storage | ElectrIQ Power

Sengled Boost LED - Wi-fi Where You Want It


Pulse | Sengled


Hydrao - Smart shower head changes color as you use more and more water

The Smart Shower - Hydrao

Honeywell Announces 'Lyric Round' Smart Thermostat With HomeKit Integration

Honeywell Announces 'Lyric Round' Smart Thermostat With HomeKit Integration

Ween, The Geodriven Thermostat

Ween, On-Demand Energy

GE Smart Switch 45856GE

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New Philips LEDs

Philips’ New LED Bulbs Glow The Competition Away

eTRV+ programmable radiator valve

eTRV+ | Programmable Radiator Valve | Chalmor

Schneider Electric Wiser Air Smart Thermostat

Wiser Air - Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat by Schneider Electric

LightwaveRF Radiator Valve

Radiator Control | Product Categories

tado° Smart Radiator Valve

For Heating & Air Conditioning – Intelligent Climate Control

HR92 Radiator Controller - Honeywell UK Heating Controls

HR92 Radiator Controller